Massage Gift Certificate Coupons: Our Contribution To The New ‘Cyber’ Black Friday

Finding the right gift is seldom an easy task.  It requires thoughtfulness, and consideration for what someone else might find useful  or appreciate most.  Massage Gift Certificates are a creative  and fun gift idea that anyone (who loves massage therapy)  would appreciate  receiving.  Our  contribution to the cultural and social phenomenon known as ‘Cyber Black Friday’ is At Home Massage Gift Certificate coupons which offer a steep discount on all online purchases of Massage Gift Certificates.

Online retailers offer Cyber Black Friday discounts on everything from clothing to electronics, from Massage Gift Certificates to gift certificates good for rides in a hot air balloon. Steeply discounted post-Thanksgiving online sales follow the trend set by retailers at malls across the nation known as ‘Black Friday’.    Black Friday, in contrast with Black Tuesday, the day the markets crashed in the now-distant early 20th Century, is a day focused on kindness and giving, rather than panic and dread.

We seem to have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday, bringing both savings and sales, as well as  mayhem in major chain stores,  stampedes and fistfights, and all sorts of news events that leave us wondering.  Black Friday is gaining on Black Tuesday in infamy.  There’s no getting around that.  Many of us wouldn’t dream of fighting other customers just to save a bit on a gift. Some  shoppers wait until the frenzy has subsided before venturing to the local mall.

The December Holiday Season  is a time many of us spend a good amount of our waking hours shopping for those we care about, or thinking about what they’d like.  Sometimes, we even have to get something for someone we don’t particularly care for, such as with an office ‘Secret Santa’ party.  It may even be a person who is boorish and rude, unfriendly, and makes nasty comments when she sees you.  Hopefully, that isn’t the case…

It isn’t always easy or fun.  Dealing with crowds, lines, and the instant-headache mingled stench of 20 different colognes and  perfumes (and worse) makes  some dread Christmas and Hanukkah,  because we’ve come to expect gifts on these holidays.  The anxiety surrounding gift giving  and receiving gifts is a real issue for some.  But for others, the crowds are magical, the lines aren’t a bother, and the whole experience is a joy.

Either way, as we all know, it’s come to the point that ‘Black Friday’, the day after Thanksgiving, is almost as widely known as Thanksgiving itself, with its Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade splendor, tons of traditional  American dishes, and its  historical and cultural significance.  In 2011, it’s almost as though we eat a big meal on Thanksgiving so we can have  enough energy to go out the next day (or 3 AM the morning after Thanksgiving) and shop all day,  securing  steals and deals in department stores and big box electronics chains.   Black Friday  is the biggest shopping day of the year, and in a nation where people love to shop, that’s a big deal.

But in recent years, many more Americans are turning to the Internet to make holiday purchases.  And why not?  It saves time, and can save you cash as well.  Internet retail sales on ‘Black Friday Weekend’  have grown steadily, prompting eCoupons to coin the term ‘Cyber Black Friday’ in 2009.  There was already ‘Cyber  Monday’ referring to the first Monday after Thanksgiving weekend, a term first used by in a November 2005  press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.

Cyber Black Friday referred to the growing retail sales online stores experienced in the last five years.  Personally, I enjoy going to the malls, and I find the holidays to be a wonderful time of year.  But even so, I admit that at this point, a majority of my gift purchases are made online.  It’s just  too easy to find great gifts, and the sales match those offered in the ‘real world.’ by bricks-and-mortar stores.

Black Friday is gradually  becoming an online phenomenon.  I wonder if anyone else remembers when online sales began, how most figured online sales would never account for much.  I don’t mind the trend.  There are so many products for sale online, it’s mind boggling.  It’s made my life easier, honestly.  Definitely, some underestimated the Internet as a passing fad, when it’s become the foundation for our 21st century culture.

I  refrain from outright promotion in these articles, but I feel that omitting our contribution to the Cyber Black Weekend phenomenon would be silly.  We always see an increase in sales of Massage Gift Certificates around the holidays.  This year, we’ve decided to offer our own ‘Black Friday’ promotion.  With that in mind, we created a coupon code, BLACKFRIDAY, which discounts the purchase of a Massage Gift Certificate good for one session  by forty  dollars, if purchased by 12-1-11, or $30 if purchased by 12-24-11.


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