Mobile Massage: Maximizing The Healthful Benefits of Therapeutic Massage By Lifestyle Choices Made Outside of Your Sessions

Mobile Massage Therapy is a good fit with today’s nonstop pace; wasting time driving to and from the spa is just too much for some.  In fact, from our very first online ads, we have described our Mobile Massage services in precisely this way.  In time, others followed suit, in all likelihood because of the statement’s obvious  truth.  Of course, life is hectic, but is there anything that might be done to make life a little less stressful besides having a session of  Mobile Massage Therapy?

Besides Mobile Massage, there are many other ways of making your life as stress-proof as is possible.  Diet is important, and it’s always best to stay away from those foods that make us feel unwell.  Making more informed food choices can contribute significantly to helping anyone feel better.  What’s good for one person at one point in their life, may not be good for someone else, or even the same individual at a different point in time.  So you have to be honest with yourself about how different foods make you feel.

Regular exercise, even if it’s a short walk, can help as well.  Sitting at a desk at work, driving in a car, and even watching TV at night are all sedentary activities.  This may not be so good, a recent study reported on by Reuters suggests. (Too much sitting linked to shortened lives; Genevra Pittman; NEW YORK; Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:40pm EDT)

Balance the time spent being inactive with the time you spend being active.  Most clients don’t have much, if any, ‘spare time’; I think the concept is foreign to most of us by now.  Even so, it’s important to move around in some way, at least a few days a week, for at least a few minutes, at the very least.

Therapeutic Mobile Massage can help ease tension in muscles that are overworked or tight from emotional or mental tension.  Most of us hold a great deal of tension in our shoulders and upper back area, but such tension can extend beyond this area with time.  Stretching every day, for even five minutes, is a good idea, especially if you exercise.  It can even help prevent injury during exercise or sports.

Mobile Massage can help muscles to be less tight and may relieve some of the pain associated with sore muscles.  If you stretch every day, using simple calisthenics, Hatha Yoga, or any other system of physical fitness, you’ll keep you body in better shape between Mobile Massage sessions.

Next on our list is taking the time to just relax each day.   Not while watching TV.  Or doing your taxes.  Or driving your daughter to practice. Or while cooking and feeding  the baby and talking on the phone while watching TV, either! : ) Multitasking is great, but we all need a break from it.

Once, twice, or more times daily, it’s great to just stop, take a few deep breathes, and consciously let the tension out of our minds and bodies.  Mobile  Massage is relaxing for most; there’s not really  any question about that.

You can cultivate that same relaxed,  calm feeling in your own life by taking the time each day to focus on being calm.  It really is that easy!  Simply focusing on each body part, from the toes to the head, relaxing each in succession, while breathing deeply,  can help you to de-stress.

The next lifestyle choice I saved for last, perhaps because it’s the one most of us forget first.  Any guesses?  Many readers will likely  be way off.  It’s getting enough sleep for our body’s needs.  Practically no one in New Jersey (or the entire US, for that matter) is getting the sleep they require.  From adolescents to adults, most are too busy with work, school, video games, movies, TV, music, family, friends, and whatever else we all do in a day, to really get enough sleep.

Our schedules are, for the most part, fixed.  We usually can’t change what time we have to be at work, or what time we have to drive the kids to school.  But not getting enough sleep is harmful to health, regardless of the reasons it ends up happening.  Try placing sleep on your list of daily priorities.  Usually, sleep can’t compete with all the fun or (not-so-fun) necessary and important  things we can  do while awake.  Instead of staying up until 2:30 AM browsing the Internet, try going to sleep at 2 AM.  Even a little more sleep can make a big difference in how we feel.

What the above-mentioned ‘lifestyle choices’ have in common is the need to pay attention to each daily, in order for any of them to be of any consequence.  If you exercise once a month, or stretch two times a year, it just isn’t going to do anything for you.  By making small changes in our daily schedule, and doing things slightly differently each day, we can help to make big changes in how we feel, in the long term.    Mobile Massage Therapy is a good complement to making healthier lifestyle choices; staying stress-free is always a good thing, as stress is a condition that adversely affects both body and mind, depleting  us in real, measurable ways.

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