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My Quest For a Good Deep Tissue Massage

I like deep tissue massage.  No; I must admit that I *love* deep tissue massage! For me, no other modality is quite as effective as deep tissue massage, when it comes to relieving my  pain, while helping chronically tight muscles … Continue reading

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Indulgent, Decadent, Pampering : Therapeutic Massage, Guilt, and Why We Deprive Ourselves

It would be difficult to miss the great  number of day spas and massage therapists describing their services as an indulgence, sheer decadence, a hedonistic flurry of self-pampering fit for a queen.  All of this talk is both a reflection … Continue reading

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Relaxation and Immunity: Can Therapeutic Massage Help?

After a massage session, we feel calm and relaxed, probably more serene and blissful than at most other times.  While this is a wonderful experience, in and of itself, the benefits of that heightened sense of calm extend deep into … Continue reading

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