Mom Edu

Mom Edu is a new section of the NJMassages.Com  website focusing on prenatal and postnatal health topics. Articles will cover all aspects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as other relevant topics new parents would certainly find interesting and  informative.

While there are many blogs, medical information sites, and other sources of information available online pertaining to this subject matter, what you will find here is unique. All articles are original, drawing from our own authors’ research, as well as firsthand experiences working with this special population of Therapeutic Massage patients as LMTs.

Realistically, it’s best to be prepared for  pregnancy,  birthing, and caring for an infant. And so, reading and researching, as well as perusing and joining forums, are all great ideas. However, do be forewarned that there is  such a thing as going  too far with these efforts.

If you’re driven by fear, learning can sometimes serve to only increase  your concerns.  While some insecurity is to be expected, don’t turn this precious experience into a time you dread; rather, use the knowledge presented here, and elsewhere, to find comfort and solace in fact and science.

Learning is essential to new parents, and so getting the facts is a worthwhile endeavor. Just remember, every person you meet was brought into the world by their parents. And so, relax, sit back, and enjoy the journey! Many people have gone down this road before you.