Couples Massage: Stopping For A Rare Moment To Connect With Your Loved One

Couples Massage offers a rare opportunity for you and your loved one to lie side-by-side, relaxing, unwinding, and doing nothing else.  Of course, each day we share  countless moments with our partner, but usually it is amidst bustle and activity.  When do we ever stop, turn off the TV, stop the chit-chat, and just lie there becoming increasingly still of  mind and less tense, physically?

Nothing beats living a life with someone you love.  That may include preparing and sharing meals, eating out together, watching TV or movies together, going out to see live bands or shows together, vacationing together, visiting friends  and loved ones together.  Did I leave anything out?  Of course.  Every couples has its own ways of living life, including choices in  entertainment.  But how often do we actually stop, taking a break from our busy lives, to just appreciate one another?

Couples Massage at your home is an experience like no other.  Because you are at home, you will start off more relaxed.  Driving, parking, socializing – all of what’s involved in getting to the spa and actually being worked on  causes some tension, no matter how small.   Next time, see if you notice.

Stress is cumulative.  Home is where you feel most comfortable; it’s where you and your loved one spend most of your time together, if you’re like the typical American couple of the 2010’s.  It’s your sanctuary, a place you have spent energy and time making your own.  And in that warm, fuzzy, inviting space, you have transformed a house, apartment, or condo, into a home.  Side-by-side Couples Massage, performed  in your own home, offers you the rare opportunity to spend some real quiet time with your loved one, without a TV or other distraction blaring in the background.

Lying there quietly, you may find Couples Massage to be one of the most profound and deep experiences you’ve ever shared with your loved one.  I personally feel this is so, and many clients have commented similarly.  I think it’s because everything we do is done during activity.  All that activity – which makes up a day – a week – a life – is amazing and wonderful, but ceasing all activity for an hour with your loved one while a therapist works on both of you and your loved one’s  sore and tense spots, is something to remember, unlike anything that goes on in our daily lives, as interesting as they may be.

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