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Feeling The Burn: Vigorous Exercise And Lactic Acid A Now-Disproven Theory That Just Won’t Go Away

Are you feeling the burn? No; this isn’t going to be a political ad; “feeling the Bern” isn’t quite what we’re discussing here today. This isn’t about politics but rather basic biochemistry, often misunderstood, often mistaught, and affects every person … Continue reading

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Mobile Chair Massage at Rutgers University: Students Discover Relaxation Through Therapeutic Massage

Rutgers University, New Jersey’s preeminent institution for higher learning and advanced studies, recently featured Mobile Chair Massage by Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy at it’s ‘RU Healthy‘ Fair For Students in the Golden Dome Gymnasium at the Newark campus.  Students … Continue reading

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Mobile Massage: Maximizing The Healthful Benefits of Therapeutic Massage By Lifestyle Choices Made Outside of Your Sessions

Mobile Massage Therapy is a good fit with today’s nonstop pace; wasting time driving to and from the spa is just too much for some.  In fact, from our very first online ads, we have described our Mobile Massage services … Continue reading

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