In Home Massage: Making Time For What’s Important In Our Faster-Than-Fast-Paced Present Day Lives

In Home Massage Therapy has gained a foothold in American society over the last ten years.  Only a decade ago, when we were first starting out, this was not so.  There have always been therapists who travel to clients’ locations, but such practice was not well known.  When we first established our Internet presence, In Home Massage was still a novelty.

At this point in late 2011, as a Nation, we are busier than ever.  Economically, we are working harder and harder just to earn as much as we had in the past.  This translates into longer work hours for many, at no increase in compensation for an unlucky few.  If it feels like there’s less time in a day, that’s because we are truly busier than ever.  If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize it’s true.

American entrepreneurial culture, which has seen a real resurgence in recent years due to many people discovering ways of using the web to make money, is really what the American dream is all about.  Everyone has something  to offer, and the Internet is a great equalizer. As long as we work hard, we can find opportunity.  The key is finding what it is that you can offer the world that is your own unique contribution that people will appreciate.

Taking  care of a  home business, along with working a 40 (plus) hour-a-week- job, taking care of kids or maintaining a high profile social life, all contribute to leaving a very active person with no time, and worse, feeling frazzled and burnt-out.  In Home Massage is appreciated because it saves time.  Even if the spa is fifteen minutes from home, after all is done and said, considering getting ready, etc., a one hour massage session can turn into a chunk of two hours missing from your day.

Some of us cannot afford to lose this much time because we don’t have it to spare in the first place!  Without In Home Massage, many would never have the time in their lives to even stop and relax.  Is this really a bad thing, though?  Isn’t idleness boring and lame, anyway?

We post-modern Americans  like keeping busy, and nonstop movement from place to place, task to task , throughout the day, every day,  is probably more interesting and rewarding than keeping a more open calendar.  Even so, it takes its toll with time.

Either way, most of us don’t really have much of a choice; our lifestyles demand that we continue to take care of all the people and things that are important to us.  At the end of the day, it’s probably more rewarding having expended all of your energy taking care of who and what you love, anyway.  In Home Massage is a good choice if you wish to have a Massage Therapy session, but really do not have the time in your day to disappear for hours and hours.

© H Miller, 2011 (Published October 27, 2011, Written 10-27-11)


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