Mobile Massage NJ: A Current (And Growing) Trend

Only a few short years ago, Mobile Massage in New Jersey was not well known.  We at Mountainside on Site Massage Therapy have been providing at home Therapeutic Massage to our New Jersey clients for over ten years.  At first, we weren’t even on the web.

Our initial  web presence began  in the early 2000’s  as a modest one-page entry on our old server.  A black background, a few lines of text, a blinking phone number, an image or two…typical of a web site from  that period.   But what we have to say is still the same, and remains nearly unchanged after all these years.

Back then, there were few companies and individual therapists  advertising mobile massage in New Jersey on the Internet.  By now, the situation has changed dramatically.

At last check, there were more mobile massage services available in Northern and Central New Jersey than ever before.  Many new graduates are finding that going the route of working in a spa is difficult.  Seeing established Mobile Massage companies online has inspired many new therapists to put up a website and hope for the best, not realizing that building a reputation among clients takes hard work either way.

Further, marketing and advertising are costly, and working in a spa there is no dealing with overhead.  Being a Massage Therapist in a  busy spa may be hard work, but having a steady stream of clients is great.  Most therapists don’t consider how much their employers routinely spend each month on advertising to accomplish this seeming magic.

Now more than ever, there is a real choice in the marketplace.  But many of these newer NJ Mobile Massage companies and individuals  aren’t adding much, in terms of their own unique style or content.  New companies’ web sites  seem to be boilerplate copies of one another, and nearly all copies of established Mobile Massage web sites that were each creative in thier  own way.  This all serves to dilute the message to web users, presenting a jumbled mess of therapists, all saying the same exact thing, or very nearly so.

As a dizzying number of  Mobile Massage NJ  web sites clutter search results with cloned pages carrying plagiarized copy, Internet users and potential clients should consider whether that is meaningful, in and of itself, and whether it speaks anything of the therapist and/or company presenting such to the digital world.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be treated by a therapist whose description of their services was ripped from another site.  It would just make me question the person’s integrity, and wonder whether they’re really  half as competent as they repeatedly claim.

Mobile Massage in New Jersey was  a great development that many have come to rely on.  It is great to see that the concept  has caught on, and has been so well-received by clients in New Jersey.  Being among the pioneering therapists bringing online Mobile Massage to New Jersey, we are less than happy to see the increasing amount of information clutter and blatant copying so common  today.

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