Dealing With The Bleak Coldness of Winter: Couples Massage By The Fireplace Is The Answer

As many former New Yorkers and New Jerseyans (now Floridians, Nevadans, and Arizonians) have told me, the winters here are just unbearable.  And truthfully, I didn’t need them to tell me.  I live here.  And unlike those one-way-migrating buddies, I am staying, and not just here one hour off a plane from a warm, sunny clime for the holidays, like some other people.

Snowy New Jersey Turnpike



Many friends have considered moving back, because really, where in the world can you live that’s like New Jersey or New York City?  New Jersey has the Shore, many malls, proximity to NYC, and many affordable homes in quaint towns.  So really, after a few years of living away, many people want to return.

Some  were unfortunate enough to have been here for Christmas a few years ago and ended up missing their return flight, snowed in by a small avalanche at their Basking Ridge relatives’ home.  That kind of made the decision easier.  A non-decision, even.  What’s to decide, really?

You can’t argue with a twenty foot mound of snow and ice.   Or Newark Airport, telling you to stay put and rest easy where you are, because that return flight just isn’t leaving anytime soon.  That kind of ruined  it for them; the idea of moving back has been rendered in their minds as utter insanity.

Massage at home

Keeping warm in front of the fire

But  we’re still here.  And we’re not moving.  Our ‘fair-weather friends’ (that is possibly  going a bit too far, but still sounded funny and didn’t hurt anyone!)  have returned to their idyllic paradises by the warm blue sea, or down in the South-west in a cactus-laden desert, far, far away from any sign anything that is from New Jersey or New York.


Except other former-New Yorkers and former NJers who have also escaped the cold, emigrating to new places to take on  on new careers, learn a new local dialect, and best of all, to never have  to shovel a walk again. (Until they visit their parents’ house on Staten Island, that is!)


We, the intrepid Northeasterners, who may truly shiver at the thought of more frost and snow, yet bear the burden dutifully each workday, holiday, and weekend that the fickle Winter weather decides to dump a few inches of ice or snow upon our heads, are not moving.   Whether we like the cold and snowy times or not, we deal with such realities.



As a Massage Therapist who sometimes does Couples Massage, I have witnessed one extremely effective way many couples have found to beat the cold.   Having a session of side-by-side Therapeutic massage right beside a roaring fire, replete with crackling log and the scent of the hearth, or even a demure gas-fired fireplace that may be less showy but just as warm, is something many couples have requested.

And when I walk into a home as one of the two therapists for Couples Massage, if I’m not asked to set up near the fireplace, and I see one at the home, I will ask if the couple would prefer for us to set up right by the fire, safe enough to work around the table, but near enough to feel the radiant heat of the brickwork.  I have never had a client suggest not to go ahead and do this.  And afterwards, we’re usually thanked for helping them to discover just how cool their space actually is!


During this time of year, it’s essential that the Massage Therapist warm up the oil that they’re going to use.  There’s nothing more dramatic in puncturing visions of warmth and cozy relaxation than the feeling of a Massage Therapist’s fingers spreading near-freezing oil on tour back.

And truly, that’s whether the session is near a fireplace, as far from your fireplace as is possible, or even if no one on your street has a fireplace.  Cold oil is a winter no-no.

The wintertimCouples massage at home in NJ e feels bleak, and is often depressingly barren and grey, in terms of most local landscapes.  The key is to stay warm!  If you have a fireplace, spend more time near it reading, playing with your laptop, doing yoga, or just enjoying the presence of your significant other.

Couples Massage is always a great means of dispelling the bleak feelings winter brings, if for no other reason than because being near someone you love can really brighten your day.  Relaxing together is a special time.

So if you have a fireplace, you now have another use for the surrounding space that you likely have never, ever thought of.  Couples Massage may be performed on either portable tables, or Shiatsu mats.  Personally, I feel that the Shiatsu mats are a bet

Couples massage in NJ

Couples massage by the warm fire

ter choice, because then the client is lying right on the floor, which is going to be quite warm, right in front of the fire.

It’s all about bringing the warmth to your winter.  Don’t let those hot-spot transplants tell us that New Jersey is ‘too cold’!  The colder it is outside, the more couples can  appreciate steamy hot chocolate, glowing fireplaces, and one another’s  warmth and closeness.

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