Massage Gift Certificates: Let Relatives Know It’s What You Really Want!

This time of year, we’re all trying to find the perfect gift for everyone else.  And of course, our loved ones are trying to do the same for one another, and for us as well.  It’s truly a great tradition to give graciously to one another, however, finding a gift that fits is the challenge.

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Massage Gift Certificates are a thoughtful gift

So many times, I’ve written about how Massage Gift Certificates are a great way to show others that you care.  But just this morning, I realized that rather than only trying to spread the gift of healing to others, it would also be a great idea to let others know you love massages, and would appreciate that sort of a gift.  Hint.  Hint. Lol

If your family or friends like making Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or Kwanza lists, seriously consider adding Massage Gift Certificates as a starred-item.  Too often, we get gifts for others that may be universally appealing, and that they really like, but would have been the perfect gift for you as well.

Or, we get gifts that would be most appropriate for ourselves.  Receiving such a  gift, you  wonder why you’ve received a Winnie-The-Pooh jogging pants set, Winnie The Pooh laptop case, and Winnie The Pooh Pen.  Of course!  The gift-giver just loves Winnie The pooh.   It all makes sense now.

But did you also err in this way?  Was your gift-giving lacking the consideration of what someone else might prefer, enjoy, make use of, or just wish to have?  That same Pooh-Bear lover received a pair of Avia sneakers from you.  Sneakers are a great gift.  Who doesn’t want a shiny new pair of kicks?  That’s all well and good, but oddly, this Winnie The Pooh girl only wears Prada or slippers.  Awkward.

So what’s to be done?  Ask others what they like.  Let them know  what you like.  Talk with them.  Think about what you know they enjoy and what brings them happiness.  And remember, if you want a massage for Christmas, you have to let others know.


Don’t feel disappointed that none of your Hanukkah gifts included a Massage Gift Certificate.  Was your husband supposed to be a mind reader, too?  Communication and thoughtfulness go far in helping us to give gifts that others will love.  If you do

n’t like lists, then just keep it casual, but do discuss.  W

ithout a hint or two, it may be nearly impossible for others to get you any gifts that you’ll enjoy.

Massage at home gift certificates

Give the gift of massage

And in no way does this spoil the joy of receiving a great gift!  Think of kids getting gifts from Santa.  Kids make lists, go tell Santa Caus at the Mall what they want, and hope and pray they’ve been good enough to deserve all those toys.  Knowing ahead of time that what gifts they want  makes it no less amazing when they  receive those gifts.

We exist as spiritual beings in a material world.  Anything that helps bring brightness to one another is amazing.  Gift-giving, when done with kindness and thoughtfulness, is a great way of letting someone know that you appreciate them.  Remember that the process can be facilitated by asking questions, thinking of what you know about your loved one, co-worker, or friend, and being a little bit creative.

You may find, after a little bit of talking, that neither of you want any more leather belts or coffee mugs, and both of you would rather have the Seinfeld box set of Season 1.  Now that’s specific.  If you really don’t know what the other person wants, Therapeutic Massage is a great general sort of gift that is appropriate for nearly everyone.  Gifts that bring healing, peace, calmness, and don’t require much work on the part of the recipient, are definitely always a hit.  But still, ask if you can.

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