Massage Gift Certificates: Giving The Gift Of Wellness is Always De Jour

Massage Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts, appropriate  for both loved ones very close to us, as well as acquaintance and work contacts we may not be quite so familiar with.  Gift giving, and the quest to give the perfect give, or at least one that won’t end up in the donation box come December 26th, seems to cause many people a good amount of undue stress.

After all, any gift you get for a caring and considerate friend, co-worker, or family member, will be appreciated.  Right?    While it  is true that the thought behind the giving is of paramount importance, it is also true that if we are able to spare another person the uncomfortable experience of receiving a gift that is useless or unwanted, then we are ourselves being most considerate.

While a Massage Gift Certificate or Spa Gift Card are great for most, a person averse to touch would not relish the experience of  receiving such a gift.    Why force those we care enough about to get a gift  to have to feign delight at a present that is nothing more than pure disappointment?  And so, no matter what the gift, it’s best to be aware of the recipient’s likes and dislikes.   Of course, this may require  some recollection as to what the person likes, as well as nonchalant inquiry.

Massage Gift Certificates, for those (most everyone) who loves receiving a relaxing session of Therapeutic Massage, is one of the best sorts of gifts to give.  We are not adding to the clutter in a person’s life; most people I know complain of having too much stuff, anyway!  A session paid for with a Massage Gift Certificate will leave the recipient feeling more relaxed, thinking of you all the while, and how much you care.  In the end, that’s what gifts are all about, helping those we care about know we do, indeed,  care.

Giving the gift of wellness is always a great choice.  For different reasons, we all want to feel better.  Some of us suffer from health conditions and experience chronic pain.  Others are athletes and overwork themselves at the gym.  Still others overwork themselves, but at home and at the office with responsibilities more appropriate for a team of ten.  Wellness gifts, like Spa Gift Cards and memberships for fitness centers, for example, help the people we care about to thrive and seek a more healthy lifestyle.  Nothing says ‘I care’ like helping someone to achieve greater wellness and health.

Of course, most would feel underwhelmed opening a prettily decorated gift box containing a bright new bottle of Vitamin C pills.  While the thought may be there, there’s just something missing in a gift like that.  Books and videos  about health and weight management may be a  good choice, when it comes to wellness gifting.  A Massage Gift Certificate is among the best, in that there is no subtext, no unspoken message behind the giving.  Even if you mean well, sometimes a gift may cause embarrassment, especially when received among a group of peers.

A treadmill is great, but as a gift, it tends to say something a bit too specific about our thoughts on the recipient.  Unless specifically asked for, a treadmill is a place few gift givers should tread.  Ever.  It’s suggested that you instead stick with Massage Gift Certificates, Spa Gift Cards, a new Gym Membership, and for the kids in your life, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, or Dance school membership.  Some other interesting gifts that promote wellness are Essential Oils with a diffuser, yoga mats, workout attire, or sports equipment.

But when we really consider the problem, it’s really all about the individual.  A client bought her retired husband a new SLR Digital camera last Christmas.  This was the best wellness gift he could have received, as he now hikes daily, photographing all he sees.   Likewise, many other gifts may end up promoting wellness in the recipient, in ways that may at first seem non-obvious.  For those nonallergic individuals, a dog can serve to get a person up and out of the house on a regular basis.  A Massage Gift Certificate is, frankly, the easy route.  Finding gifts that promote wellness, without doing so overtly, is a bit more challenging.

A Massage Gift Certificate with beautiful imagery and a custom-written message, is a great joy to receive, in and of itself.  How many times have we been moved by a greeting card, only to find that the attached gift only makes us question how someone who knows us so well, able to write all those  personal, kindly words, can get it so wrong?  With this gift, you can get it right both with the card and the gift itself.

Massage Gift Cards and Spa Gift Cards are basically the same as a Massage Gift Certificate, but are often for multiple sessions.  At Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy, we offer the choice of a Massage Gift Card that may be refilled, as well as Massage Gift Certificates  in various denominations.  We know  that getting the perfect gift can be difficult, and providing options can only help.

For this year’s ‘Black Friday’ kickoff, we are offering a coupon code that will entitle the buyer to a $30 discount off of a Massage Gift Certificate for one session of on site therapeutic massage.  The coupon code is 2012BlackFridayHereAlready, typed in as just one word on our secure payment server, Mountainside-Diversified.Com, or provided over then phone when placing an order with our Customer Service associate.  This coupon expires on January 1st, 2013.

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