Chair Massage: An Innovation That Has Aided the Popularity of Corporate On Site Therapeutic Massage

Chair Massage is fast becoming a new trend in the world of business,  all the way from Fortune 500 companies,  to independently owned and operated local small businesses.  Corporate Chair Massage has grown in popularity largely because of the positive feedback received from employees, both executives and workers alike.

Onsite chair massage is appreciated by corporate clients because of the  portability and small size of the massage chair, as well as the fact that clients need not disrobe, and set up is less than thirty seconds.  Portable  Massage Chairs have a much smaller footprint than portable Massage Tables,  making  Chair Massage Therapy ideally suited for   integration  into a busy, work-intensive environment, as may be found in many successful companies.  Massage Therapists like the chairs because they are lightweight, and easy to carry when folded.

Seated Chair Massage is also preferred by many employees because many individuals in corporate settings feel more comfortable sitting, as on a bike or motorcycle, rather than lying prone or supine  on a portable massage table with co-workers all around.  This was proven when clients chose, by a wide margin, to have chair massage when both chair massage  and massage on a portable table, side-by-side, were offered.  Even without the need to disrobe, many will forego  a session of massage therapy simply because they would rather not lie down in front of their peers.

Portable Massage Chairs have not been  around for a long time, and are a relatively recent

Bryden Therapeutic Chair - 1967

Bryden Therapeutic Chair – 1968 Image Credit Google Patents

innovation, though not quite as recent as the cultural phenomenon of Corporate Chair Massage gaining ubiquity.  There have been a good number of patents submitted for different designs, the oldest of which was filed in the 1980s. Before these massage chairs, other designs existed for physical therapy chairs that were only somewhat similar, dating all the way back to the mid-twentieth century.

Of course, the more contemporary designs for Massage Chairs look somewhat  different

Oakworks Massage Chair - Contemporary Design

Oakworks Massage Chair – Contemporary Design

from the earliest models, as one would expect.  Even so, the basic idea, that a client sits while receiving Therapeutic Massage, remains fundamentally the same, as is the ability of the Massage Chair to fold up for storage and transport.   Oakworks, the best-known and most reputable Massage Chair manufacturer, was the first to patent and produce a design that looks like what we think of when we think of a massage chair today, back in 1992.

Onsite Chair Massage for Businesses  owes its popularity to these ingenious designs, many of which are modifications of a few basic themes, all sharing the key  characteristics of having the client positioned leaning forward, as well as portability,  and a relatively small footprint.

Office Chair Massage, as a popular means of keeping a staff feeling focused and calm could not have become,  prior to the creation of these designs.  Of course, other, cruder designs did exist before the 1992 Oakworks design, but none were nearly as portable, and were clunky by comparison.

Seated Chair Massage was something most of us first observed in our local mall decades ago, curious at how strange it seemed for clients to be worked on in  a seated position.   Was it comfortable?  Did it feel strange?  In all reality, most did not find out the answers to these questions until office chair massage came to a cubicle near them!

The answers to the questions?  Yes; chair massage is quite comfortable, described by more than a few clients as ‘feeling like floating’ as they leaned forward.  Others liken it to riding a bike or motorcycle.   Is it a strange experience?  Indeed, it is quite different than anything else!  Strange, but only at first, and in a completely good way.

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