Teacher Appreciation Week Chair Massage: Schools Give Back To Staff With Chair Massage

Chair massage for teachers

Chair Massage For Teachers! Yay!

Teacher Appreciation Week was celebrated throughout New Jersey this week, as educators and support staff were shown just how much they and their hard were appreciated by the students, parents, and administrators.

Traditionally, teachers were given a luncheon or even a small gift.  On-Site Chair Massage is a new addition to the more traditional ideas.  At a variety of schools in New Jersey, from pre-schools to elementary and even high schools, teachers were treated to seated Chair Massage during their workday. Some schools decided to keep it all a big surprise.  Others informed the teachers ahead of time, and everyone eagerly waited for the day of relaxation.

Workplace Chair Massage At School

Chair Massage isn’t something everyone has experienced.  In fact, many of the teachers had never had a Chair Massage before.  It is a little different than what many are accustomed to: The recipient remains fully clothed an no oils or lotions are used.  The chairs have a small footprint, enabling Massage Therapists to work in even cramped areas.

Educators Receive Chair Massage

Educators Receive Chair Massage

The Marion P. Thomas Charter School operates a number of campuses throughout New Jersey. It’s motto is, “It Takes A Whole Village to Raise a Child” and was formed in 1999 by a group of native Newark residents seeking to empower the next generation.

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy provided Chair Massage to teachers and staff at a number of MPTCS schools in  Newark.  As one might guess, everyone felt a lot less stressed afterwards.  We felt honored to be able to provide our services to everyone present, doing our small part to keep their great efforts going strong.

Flowers For Teacher Appreciation Week



North Plainfield’s West End Elementary School also gifted their teachers with relaxing Chair Massage.  This was another wonderful educational institution where cultural diversity and respect are keys to the core philosophy.

Everyone was so kind afterwards, letting us know just how much it helped make their day a little less stressed.  It was great knowing we helped them. The PTA graciously funded the event.

We know teaching is difficult work, demanding more energy and focus than most could imagine.  Even a small break from the tension and challenge that teachers commit themselves to in being their best and helping all their students as much as their are able is a good thing.

Marion P Thomas Charter School

Jersey City’s  Empowerment Academy is another amazing charter school.   This is another serious school, where kids go to really become proficient learners.  Kids’ progress is monitored carefully, and the moment help is required, tutors step in to help the children with areas they are finding extremely challenging.  The school’s philosophy seeks to build “experience-based confidence”, which is probably the most important kind.


Peaceful Moment Newark Street Art

West End School

The teachers at the Empowerment Academy Charter School were also provided with  Chair Massage for Teacher Appreciation Week.  What the Empowerment Academy aims to do takes hard work. The teachers definitely put in a significant amount of effort and caring keeping to the school’s core philosophy.



Refreshing and Cleansing Lemon Water for the Teachers

Other schools benefited from Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy’s services this year as well.  All were amazing places where teachers dedicated their lives to helping kids.  All in all, every year, we find more and more schools inquiring about on-site Chair Massage. As with much else, it’s part of our cultural shift toward holistic solutions, and improved health and wellness.
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