Couples Massage as a Unique Bonding Experience: Relaxing and Healing Together Breaks Boring Routines

Couples have held hands throughout the entire session.  That is really cute.  Do couples tend to do so more in wintertime?  I’m not really sure, but I think it may be so!  So many of our clients have told us that they are accustomed to mostly habitual living within the confines of their space, and that Couples Massage At Home helps break that boring cycle of mindless repetition.

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winter couples massage after a walk in the snow

Having a patterned, well-defined life is one thing; falling into a daily routine that is rote and unexciting is another.  Surely, using your private space for meditation, prayer, yoga, or chi kung, can help transform that space, even when you’re engaging in other  activities.  Massage Therapy is a great way to reacquaint yourself and your loved one with one another, yourselves, and your living space.

After a session of Couples Massage Therapy, you may wish to preserve that ‘vibe’ of healing and calmness.  For many of our clients, home is already a special place; many have spent a great deal of attention on creating a living space that precisely suits their aesthetic tastes.  But what goes on within the walls of that home can determine how its occupants feel about living there.

Some may argue that an uneventful life is a good life, but if every day blends into every other, that may not be so good, either.  Boring routines aren’t deliberate.  They develop over time.  Hatha yoga, Couples Massage, or even side-by-side meditation are great ways to reintroduce yourselves to your lives, and the space your lives take place within.  Living a more deliberate life is the goal, where you appreciate yourself, your loved one, what you share, as well as your surroundings.

Every day is different; every moment is unique.  Keeping this in mind, how do we ever get bored?  It’s all about developing mindless routine, as oppose to carefully planned patterns.  Living by habit is an unconscious way of plodding through life.  As the stresses of life rachet up the level of internal tension, many people retreat to the comfort and sameness of a life of mindless habit.  But routine is not inspiring; it does not encourage living each moment to its fullest special capacity.

Engaging in uplifting activities together within your shared space is a game changer.  Couples Massage, chi kung, meditation, and yoga are but a few.  There are many choices, though the inclusion of At Home Couples Massage is always a great choice, and not just because we are Massage Therapists providing such a service! Couples Massage requires no learning, as does meditation or yoga, and is a great place for you and your loved one to get started on your journey to finding the extraordinary in the otherwise routine.

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