Girls Spa Parties: A Positive Experience Fostering Emotional Well-Being and Social Growth

In the Metro New York / New Jersey area and throughout the entire nation, at-home spa parties for girls have become the de facto ‘new cool’ for tweens and teens.  It’s pretty obvious why this is now the case: Parties and entertainment go together, and there’s no greater form of entertainment than something that gets the guests involved and feeling good about themselves.

Most likely, girls spa parties are not going to end up another passing fad.  Girls love spa parties, and it seems that most kids have an outrageously fun time attending and participating in spa party activities.  It’s important for children and adolescents to feel good about themselves, and spa parties invariably impart nearly every participant with a more healthy sense of self esteem.

Some have asked me if I think spa parties promote vanity and shallowness in young girls, and others have even gone so far as to voice their concerns that spa parties are not appropriate for kids.  We are all entitled to our opinions; this is a free country and that is always our right.  But my experience providing the ‘Spa Party Experience’ to young girls suggests that the truth  is actually the opposite of what such people think.

Girls get excited –  it’s a fun time and a great opportunity to foster closeness and friendship.  I’ve seen how, many times, girls start off shy and withdrawn from one another, and by the end of the session, those same girls are talking freely, smiling, and enjoying one another’s company more than before.  It’s actually something that most parents notice, too. Kids are curious, as the majority of girls have never had any sort of spa treatment.  This curiosity keeps the girls from getting bored or self-conscious.  They’re just too engaged in the activities to feel  uncomfortable.

From my experience, I can say that spa parties help every guest to feel special.  It’s important that kids value their own uniqueness, but sadly, teens and tweens often find that uniqueness a source of discomfort, and sometimes even outright anguish.  Spa parties for girls show every girl that they are special, worthy of respect,  and endowed  with their own unique beauty and grace.  Even the shyest girl lacking even a little self esteem leaves feeling like she is just as good as her peers.  And in the process, friendships deepen, and the kids forget their shyness and just have a grand old time.


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