At-Home Couples Massage, A Movie, & Takeout: The Perfect Combination for A Fun & Relaxing ‘Couples Night In’ Evening

At-home couples massage, performed right in your own home, can be a great way to spend a quiet evening with your loved one.  But what if your side-by-side couples massage is only intended as a prelude to an evening of fine dining and entertainment?  Often, couples will inform me that they are just relaxing a bit after a long and arduous workweek, getting ready for a (seemingly) longer and more intense weekend crammed with activity.

Many times clients are on a tight schedule because they have already arranged reservations at their favorite restaurant, and for that reason, promptness is essential for at-home massage therapists.  Showing up late can mess up carefully arranged, elaborate plans.  Sometimes, clients are really inspiring, providing a great example of how much one can plan to do in a single weekend.  Such people apparently stick to the old adage of working hard, but playing harder.

But other clients (or even the same clients on a different day) sometimes opt to stay in for the night.  Whether its due to a heat wave, torrential rain, or frigid winds and snow, weather often plays a part.  Sometimes clients are weary after a week of traveling for business.  Sometimes my clients explain that there is no special reason.  It’s just natural for people to sometimes want to spend a quiet evening at home.  At-home Couples Massage is a great prelude to both an active night on the town, as well as its complete opposite, a quiet night on the couch.

My clients have had some good ideas about how to have a totally relaxing, ‘do nothing’ evening, without having to leave their cozy, luxurious homes, always making  at-home Couples Massage a big part of their plans.  One such idea is to call or fax an order to a favorite local restaurant, and inquire how long the meal will take to prepare.  Consider that the massage session will probably take longer than the time allotted, as your therapists need to set up when they arrive, and afterwards, clean up before they leave.

Then, you may want to shower, especially if your massage included oil.  Figure out what time you will likely want to begin eating, without feeling rushed, but also without letting the night become stagnant, and ask that the food not be cooked immediately, but that you would rather have it ready and at your door at whatever time is best for you.  I can’t imagine any restaurant staff that wouldn’t  gladly oblige such a request.  Takeout is great, because cleaning up is just a matter of throwing food containers in the trash.

Finally, a streaming online Netflix™ flick, picked out after dinner by you and your loved one, will provide high-definition entertainment of your choice without a trip to the video store or local Redbox™ DVD rental vending machine.  There may be something to be said about the fun of actually going to the store and picking out a movie, but for an evening when you choose to stay at home, it has no place.  If you have the chance, you could also pre-order the DVD to be mailed by Netflix, and even call the restaurant a day ahead, calling on the day of your planned Party for Two just to confirm.

Of course, you can’t forget dessert.  On a night in with your loved one, you should also prepare  by remembering  to buy your favorite cakes, cookies, or ice cream.  If  you do have a bit more  time to pre-plan your evening of no plans, you could also mail order  your favorite Golden Rum & Toffee  gourmet cake or other confectionary.

Check out: , , and – these three websites are dedicated to mail order cakes.  After the film, you and your loved one will find it very cool having  your favorite cake ready and waiting to enjoy.  Obviously, the  idea is to do as little as possible on a Couples Night In, allowing you and your partner to enjoy one another’s company without the distraction of anyone, or anything, else.

These are just some ideas different clients have presented to me, enthusiastically sharing their fun plans for a stay-in weekend that includes an at-home Couples Massage session.  So far, no one has combined ALL of the ideas mentioned in this article, but you could be the first!  Enjoy your time off from work, and make the most of every weekend.  Without too much pre-planning, you can have a totally spontaneous, effort-free evening without any stress at all.


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