Personal, Caring Service: Does Mega-Massage Really Deliver?

We offer personal service; unlike some of our competitors, we are not a franchise or a giant company, whose first mission is to increase profits and expand commercial activity.  We care about our clients; from booking to your actual session, you’ll be treated like a person, not a faceless consumer.  Face it, you can’t have it both ways: A mobile massage outfit that is  small, personal, caring, and oriented toward healing, is incompatible with a ‘big business’ model of massage therapy.

The whole concept of our At-Home Massage Therapy was to get away from the type of Spa and Massage Studio experience that we were so familiar with, both as a clients, as well as therapists.  It is obvious that the face of mobile massage is changing, assuming a more polished and commercial feel.  We seek to maintain the specialness that made us different, that motivated us in the first to provide home therapeutic massage: personal, caring service, provided by professionals motivated by their desire to help others.

By no means are we suggesting that good  business practice is  mutually exclusive with being a caring, motivated healer, but rather that once a mobile massage service becomes too big, too commercialized, too…impersonal, something significant is necessarily lost.

When it concerns the hiring of additional therapists, such mega-massage companies are concerned, primarily, with having enough therapists to handle the large volume of incoming calls.  Even if the founder of such a company had high ideals at first, it is inevitable that sacrifices, in terms of therapist quality, would follow a mass-hiring.  And, like the large massage spas with physical addresses, workers are paid very little

This  is America and we are capitalists; it would be disingenuous to argue that such factors as mentioned above will not negatively affect the quality of your session.  Just look to the third world for shoddy workmanship in imported products to get an idea of how an underpaid staff underperforms.

Automated appointment scheduling is another issue that arises in quality vs. quantity arguments.  While our clients may schedule online, by e-mail, by phone, and by texting, we always voice verify every appointment, as well as call the day before to confirm.  That’s something that some of the  larger At-Home Massage services do not provide.  It’s just little things like that that make the experience of dealing with Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy something entirely different from our competitors.

We are not a franchise, nor do we plan to franchise our business.  Such are common in the bricks- and-mortar world of massage spas, but the larger at-home services are now going the same route.  While it’s a great business model for fast food restaurants, something is lost in translation when applied to massage therapy.

A  streamlined approach to clients is common with large-scale business, but almost always comes at the expense of a dynamic and cathartic massage session.   Truly, it has to be about something more than bringing in the numbers.

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