Couples Massage At Home Before Hosting a Dinner Party: The Well-Kept Secret To Social Success Of NJ Socialites

Joan Nova Dinner PartyOf course, Couples Massage At Home is always a great choice, but here’s a new thought: A relaxing side-by-side Couples Massage only hours prior to hosting a gala dinner event, one when you bring out the ‘good silver’, not just the ordinary sterling.

Usually, such a notion wouldn’t even cross the minds of most party hosts.  Of course, many couples opt to include on site Chair Massage as part of the ambiance for the guests, but often, then refrain from having massages, themselves.

Couples Massage on the day of a big party is usually not recommended.  This is an idea for Ann Larie Valentine Taylor's Dinner Partythe super-organized, the types of couples that have their lives so ordered and are so on-point, that they could easily pull this off without much work.

They’re the ones who have the party already set up three days in advance, and on the day of the party, only have to arrange things with a mere few phone calls.  They’re the ones already sipping Martinis when the guests arrive.

Taylor's-Dinner-Party-Table-Settings-by- Ann Larie ValentineYou know, those friends who are super-relaxed already, and probably need a massage less than any of their guests.  If that describes you and your significant other, then why not consider a Couples Massage at your house, only hours before the big evening?

For you, it’s really just nothing at all.  In fact, you’re probably going to have to miss shopping that day, or working on your book.  Everyone  know your  type: The highly industrious, laser- pinpoint focused Couples that we’re all glad to know and be loved by.  You’re the ones who come through for everyone else.

Now about everyone else, where were we?  Yes; all the other couples in attendance, whenSainsbury's FreeFrom Dinner Party By 1000HEads they had hosted their own gala soirees, were looking ready for the Caribbean when the guests arrived at the door.  Yelling, cursing, damning that bakery on Staten Island for losing the order and not having the pes ready; hitting the counter because the deli in Hoboken messed up the cold platters.

If you remember, laughingly, anything like this happening at one of your parties, then Couples Massage at home is ESPECIALLY for you.  Let me explain.  While it is much more difficult for you to arrange to have the time in your lives for a massage on the day it’s your turn to entertain, that’s precisely why you require it most.

Maybe this means there’s a real call for examination of habits and beliefs.  Maybe dinner parties are supposed to be fun to host, not a day and week to dread and stress over.  It’s obvious that most couples are so far from having everything ready the day of such a dinner party, that such people are probably reading and clucking how I’m being terribly unrealistic.

But that’s precisely my point!  Maybe look again, and realize that you should plan to have your dinner parry arrangements in place THREE full days before the dinner.  Trust me; you won’t regret doing this.  Invariably, all three days will be spend concerning arrangements, no mater how much you try.

But when the fourth day rolls around, finally, there should be so few loose ends that you and your spouse could literally nap before your guests arrive.  Waiting ‘til the last minute is only inviting sure trouble; if there are issues with anything, alternative arrangements may be sought.  But only if there is ample time!

Having the luxury of a Couples Massage at home on the day you’re hosting an important Teresa Robinson Right Brain Planning {elements}social event is not beyond anyone’s grasp.  With most couples, this will require a good amount of work.  But remember, it’s the same work you did before all your other dinner parties, only done over the course of two week and not in the two days before the party.

Pretend the deadline is three days prior, start planning and getting everything in order as soon as you know you’re hosting, and all will be fine. You can have the Massage Therapists stay and then provide chair massage for the guests.  And at the door, guests will be shocked, questions will be asked, suspicious of plastic surgery will be raised.

And it’s your choice: You can tell them about how Couples Massage at home before a party helped you to be so calm, or you can keep that little secret that I’;m letting you in on, that Sweet-Martini-by-Jonathan-Cohenso many of New Jersey’s socialites already practice, and would rather wish to keep hush-hush, their little secret to social dinner hosting success, time after time.

The real secret is, don’t procrastinate.  And use every moment you have free to help yourself, and your family,  live a better life.  That’s why you socialize, after all. Having wonderful, rich, life- affirming  experiences with your loved ones and friends.  And if you’re out to impress, and that’s your thing, what impresses more than a cool and collected couple hosting a gala event?

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