Couples Massage As A Regular Part of Your Life

'Couple' by Vladimir Pustovit

‘Couple’ by Vladimir Pustovit

Certainly, no one is going to argue that Couples Massage is a wonderful experience for two to share, whether it’s a romantic couple or a couple of friends or sisters.  But most of the time, most Couples Massage clients we see reserve these side-by-side sessions for special occasions.

And while that’s wonderful, and a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day, it’s a rarity, a special Couples Retreat.  The  more I consider this, the more I realize that many clients enjoy their massage, call us back and say how great they feel, and then disappear for months and months.

When they finally call again, they’re just as tight and tense as ever.  Of course, it’s always

"Couple At Sunset" by Troy Tolley

“Couple At Sunset” by Troy Tolley

amazing to be able to help another person utilizing Therapeutic Massage, however I can’t stop thinking that if these couples were to book more frequently, they would fare better, overall.

Even a five minute massage performed regularly helps over time.  Studies done in a corporate setting using Chair Massage prove this.  Even a single five minute massage session can change a person’s blood pressure, hormone levels, and brain wave activity.  Over time, companies that have regularly scheduled massage for employees find numerous benefits.

Couples Massage, regularly scheduled, whether twice monthly or even less frequently, can help more than a session once or twice a year.  If it helps that much, don’t consider Massage Therapy a luxury, but rather another means to keep well.  Stress creeps.  Often, clients think they’re not stressed only to find, after a Couples Massage session, that both they and their partner were terribly tense.



They only recognize this afterwards, feeling a great deal less burdened. Stress can age.  So why do so many feel such an aversion to Therapeutic Massage more than a few times a year? Shifting from a perception of luxury to a perception of health is probably in order.  Of course, it can still be a special time for both you and your loved one.  There’s no reason you have to regard it in a clinical, cold manner.

It’s still a Couples Massage, after all.  And afterwards, the two of you can dine out, order takeout, or just shower and get to sleep.  Just because you get a Couples Massage every fortnight doesn’t mean you should stop feeling like it’s a special time for you and your loved one.  It’s just that now, you’ll have a chance to have a special time restoring yourselves together more frequently.

Neil Lee Utopia takeout

Neil Lee
Utopia takeout

I can understand how Couples Massage is something special for many, many clients.  They reserve their calls for special occasions, booking weeks (or months) in advance to guarantee their reservation.  For many, it’s a yearly tradition.  So of course, going from a yearly Anniversary Couples Massage to a monthly Couples Massage might seem as though it’s taking some of the specialness away from the anniversary.

I promise you that it won’t be so!  To keep the Couples Massage for your loved one’s birthday or whatever holiday special, buy bouquets of flowers, light fifty tea lights, drop rose petals on the floor.  Share a vegan chocolate fondue with strawberries on skewers!  In other words, make the day stand out.   Maybe you could ask the Massage Therapists to bring red or pink sheets for the massage tables, or if they can wear red scrubs.  It never hurts to ask.

Denis Dervisevic Chocolate Fondue

Denis Dervisevic
Chocolate Fondue

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