Friday Absenteeism In the Workplace: Office Chair Massage As A Cost-Effective and Trouble- Free Remedy

The cycle of the week is daunting.  But as a Manager or company owner, your concern is productivity, and keeping your workers going is of paramount importance.

In the United States, and likely in many other places, the workweek drains and drags on, causing many companies to experience a higher-than-average level of absenteeism on Fridays.  Some companies have attempted to address this by making Friday a “work-lite” day where playing with your I-phone is the norm; others have decided to make Fridays “casual” days, loosening the restrictions on what it’s appropriate to wear, sometimes being so lax  as to include pajamas and workout attire!

Sometimes a company will have an extremely strict policy of no absenteeism on Mondays without a doctor’s note.  In other companies, the culture is that taking off on a Monday is just something one doesn’t do.

Of course, if a worker is so unwell that frequent trips to the bathroom are in order to deal with nausea, Management will always let the person leave.  At many companies, this is actually a fair representation of how it works.  No one breaks the taboo and nearly everyone returns to work on Monday.
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Thank about it: A week of 9-5, commuting, late meetings, plus a social life, and often a family to spend time with, followed by a Friday night staying up late, getting up early the next day for more fun, saying up late again on Saturday night, and either sleeping in on Sunday or getting up early for religious services, and then spending the rest of the day cleaning, or doing at-home tasks.

By Monday, everyone is wiped out because they didn’t replenish themselves on the weekend!  Everyone at the office is always so envious of the guy who takes off for Puerto Rico on Friday and manages to walk in on Monday morning with a tan, and a smile letting us know he knows no stress.

So we then have Tuesday as another big day for workers to play hooky.  They grind through Monday with substantial amounts of coffee, and then call out sick the next day. Or use vacation time.

Really, the issue here is helping your workers to plan better.  Having a full, vibrant life means planning time for both activities and rest.  Nowadays, we all walk around in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation.  That can’t be at all a good thing.

The idea was to make Fridays a day that everyone will appreciate.  Same for Tuesdays.  Luncheons, company sports, and even outings to restaurants definitely help bring staff members to the office, even on the dreaded Friday or Tuesday.

Chair Massage is also amazingly effective.  Some people will  still take the day off and forego the trip to Houlihan’s or Carrabba’s  with the full work gang, because they’d much rather go out to a quaint little family-owned place with their significant other that afternoon, who offered to pay anyway.  In contrast,  Office Chair Massage is something that nearly everyone looks forward to, and no one wants to miss!

And because this is the case, and because it’s your job to keep productivity high and absenteeism low, you may use this to your company’s advantage, and to your employees’ advantage as well.  Some companies begin by having chair massage on Tuesdays or Fridays, announcing the event with much fanfare, and then after the staff has developed a great appreciation for chair massage, randomize the chair massage each week.  This isn’t any sort of dirty trick; they’re supposed to be coming into work to start with!

In any event, it works.  The perception of the workplace as a place of stress diminishes, and in its place your staff will begin to see the office as a place where they can relax, feel creative, think without overload, and feel their best.  And that’s even in the midst of ridiculous amounts of work and activity!

Crazy Deadlines And Office Massage Work Well Together

Crazy Deadlines And Office Massage Work Well Together

Research the topic and learn more by clicking hereCorporate Chair Massage has been proven to help improve  a number of measurable work-related metrics, including absenteeism, morale levels, productivity, and can even help with tension and stress-related high blood pressure.  This is all really about changing the face of the workplace.
Our austere American predecessors brought us all this, and we should be grateful, but note that when they posed for group photos at their jobs, there is never even a single man or woman smiling.  Let’s not carry forward their work ethic that work must be  un-fun and tedious, but rather bring the idea of work into the twenty-first century; make your office a place where people can be productive, where creativity and careful analysis work better because your staff is calm and focused, as opposed to driven and stressed.

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