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Massage At Home provided by Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy™

In-Home Massage provides the opportunity to fit a massage session into your busy schedule, without having to allow for time waasted driving to and from the spa. We bring a calming, de-stressing experience to you, right in the privacy and comfort of your own space. Nothing's better than your own home, a place where you can feel relaxed and just be comfortable.

We have been providing At-Home Massage to clients in Central and Northern New Jersey and the NYC Metro Area for over eight years. We number among the few reputable massage therapy services offering quality on-site Massage At Home services online, among the first companies that helped create this now-saturated niche.

Our years of experience, caring attitude, and quality of service truly set us apart. Our clients appreciate our professional demeanor; we realize that we're guests in your home, there to perform a service. Out of respect for our clients, we do not place any signage on our vehicles. We feel that promotion at the cost of our clients' privacy is bad form. And that's likely why our clientele is so varied, from average working people, to some of New Jersey's more successful residents, to members of the leisure class. Our emphasis on professionalism and caring does matter, though all our clients are treated with respect and care.

in home massage

We arrive punctually, and set up quickly. Who needs a Massage Therapist to hold up your day? Through the use of soft lighting provided by flameless candles, scented aromatherapy oil, and calming sound effects or relaxation music, your living space is temporarily transformed into a strikingly calm and serene Home Spa. Of course, none of these amenities are extra; it's baffling that other Mobile Massage services bill each as an added cost.

Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy offers In-Home Couples Massage for Two (side-by-side therapeutic massage), 4-Hand Massage At Home (Two Therapists working on you simultaneously), as well as the traditional Therapeutic Massage session with one therapist only. You can learn more about these services by clicking on links on the left, or on the mobile menu.

We draw on a number of established massage techniques and modalities, so that each At-Home Massage session precisely matches the unique situation of the client. We refrain from standard massage routines and consider every client individually.

And, we're not a giant franchise concerned with expansion and little else. Therefore, all our Massage Therapists are screened carefully, and must adhere to our approach to healing and ways of working, in addition to being technically proficient at performing Therapeutic Massage. We hire very cautiously, and background check all our therapists.

Since it's all about healing for us, you may well end up receiving an At Home Massage Therapy session from one of the company's partners. We're not trying to be faux-celebrities like the owners of certain chain Massage Therapy brands; we are, in fact, doing our best to deliver Therapeutic Massage that affects positive and real change in individuals' lives.

Our At Home Massage sessions often include elements of Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and more. We take what we do seriously, and deliver compassionate, caring individualized service to our clients.

Our aim is to leave our clients feeling refreshed and calm, full of energy and ready to meet life with a new focus. Therapeutic Massage at home is quite effective in relieving stress, and helping to break patterns of nervous tension. It's always easier, clients tell us, to relax more deeply when receiving massage therapy at home, rather than at a spa.

Pain relief and helping clients recover from injuries or medical conditions are also priorities for Mountainside At-Home Massage Therapy. We specialize in Sports Massage, Chronic Pain issues, Arthritis, as well as helping athletes and other individuals with physical injuries who might benefit from therapeutic massage.

We use the finest non-allergenic massage oils, your choice of 100% natural, additive-free, Certified USDA Organic aromatherapy essential oils (to scent the room), as well as gentle, soft lighting, helping you to become calm and still. Of course, we bring along a wide selection of interesting background nature sounds, soft music, and other relaxing audio CDs for you to choose from.

SUPER stress relieving focused scalp, neck, shoulders, and facial massage sessions also available. Great for excessively nervous or tense individual. (please see links at left for details.) Of course, we ALWAYS provide *clean*, freshly laundered linens for EACH and EVERY client, as well as a disposable face cloth for the headrest. We carry enough supplies at all times!



Please email, or call 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


Red Cross CPR Training For Massage Therapists Web Page NCTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Web Site




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